Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1200 Fifth Avenue - part 3

This year-long decorating and design project at an amazing pre-war "Classic 10" on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park was a major accomplishment only achievable through collaboration with brilliant interior designer, Robert Fodor, and exceptionally dedicated electrician, Allan Jones. Working with these consummate professionals enabled the successful completion of this project and I'm honored to count them among my friends and colleagues in design. Without further ado, the pictures...


This picture shows one of our custom Rosewood and Travertine PTAC units. The Rosewood panels are completely removable, which exposes the PTAC system inside allowing for complete servicing and removal if needed. This exclusive Greene Furniture design requires custom metalwork to build the frame upon which the Travertine top sits and the Rosewood panels are attached. Prior to our design and installation, a plywood box was built around the PTAC unit which prevented removal and servicing of the system unless the entire box was broken apart and removed. This was quite inconvenient, as you can imagine.

The cream-colored Travertine top compliments the deep reds and blacks found in the solid Rosewood. A natural, hand-applied oil finish further accentuates the Rosewood's inherent beauty. A custom, solid Brass vent cover inlayed in the Travertine top and Brass screening behind the lower air intakes adds brilliance to the organic feel of the installation.

*Special thanks to SMC Stone in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for their great work fabricating and installing the Travertine tops on all of the PTAC units.


  1. Nice looks a bit like mine EXCEPT it's nice, clean, large, useful and modern...

  2. Thanks, pipegossip. I'm a huge fan of the countertops in this kitchen. They're green with veins of red, black, and white. Very reptilian.

    Thanks again for the comment.