Saturday, April 4, 2009

Greene is Green...

Over the years I've been involved in several "green" design projects and with rare exception have any of my projects over the past few years not been mostly or entirely eco-friendly. Projects that involve using reclaimed & leftover materials, applying eco-safe finishes, and building with modern sustainable materials (Plyboo and FSC Certified lumber). Each completed project has fueled an even larger internal fire pushing me toward a 100% green way of doing business and refining my design aesthetic and sensibility. As it turns out, you can still have exceptionally perfect design while leaving little/no footprint on the environment. Who knew?!

So I'm elated to formally declare that Greene Furniture & Design is henceforth entirely "green." What that means for my clients is that I'll be creating the same high-end designs as before, but I'll be exclusively using FSC Certified hardwoods, sustainable plywood (Plyboo, Kirei, Durapalm, Dakota burl, Wheatboard, etc.), and formaldehyde-free plywood in my designs. I'll be using non-toxic paints whenever paint is called for (in a room or on a piece of furniture) and I'll be using hand-applied, non-toxic oil and wax finishes on my beautiful wood furniture. This eliminates the airborne pollutants and off-gassing associated with certain commercial finishing processes.

I'm also pleased to announce that through several exclusive partnerships I will be using regionally-grown and harvested lumber whenever possible. These are storm-fallen timbers and trees removed for development purposes throughout the tri-state area (which would normally be turned into mulch or chopped into firewood - what a shame!). This not only keeps jobs and money local, but exponentially reduces the pollutants created by delivery vehicles bringing those materials to my shop from parts unknown. Rather than coming from across the country or from overseas, my materials are coming from our neighbors just up the road.

In furtherance of Greene Furniture & Design's green business practice I will be partnering with both FSC and LEED certified vendors, designers, architects, decorators, and eco-conscious entrepreneurs who share our passion and stewardship of all things green. The greener my network, the greener my business, right?

So, without further ado, my new slogan:

"Greene is Green"

Yours in green design,
Dan Greene

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